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tantra for gay man gran canaria"I had Tantric massage once before and enjoyed it a whole lot, but I wasn't sure how to respond to it this time, even if it would give me pleasure and a nice feeling, I found it very intimate and almost erotic at times and a nice feeling of well being...

I was on holiday at Gran Canaria when I heard about Tantric Massage again, and decided to try it out again, so I booked a 2 hours session including genital and prostate massage. I made a reservation and had a nice feeling when I arrived but yet a sting of hesitation, would it be as good as the last time?

I was met at the door by a good looking guy, named Greg, who showed me in, asked me to have a shower before the session which I had and afterward I took a seat on a mattress in the studio, which well prepared with lots of candles and soothing music.

Greg started to explain to me how the tantric massage works, and while he explained, I realised that this isn't at all what I experienced the last time. Greg informed me how to breath, and how I should open up all of my senses to be a part of the massage (the last time I just receiver) he said that every person have a lot of blockages/knots that needs to be loosen up. The session started with a sort of breathing practice, which came in handy during the remaining massage. He's hands and touching was heavenly, but yet very firm and almost rough at times. He pushed and squeezed areas that I didn't even know I had, and once again the breathing came in handy. During the whole session ha reminded me to breath - big inhales and big exhales - which helped a lot. Sometimes it did hurt, but as I said, the breathing helped along. When he got to the genital massage I felt pleasure of course, but again he pushed areas with his fingers that it almost hurts, but again the breathing helped.

I never had a prostate massage before, so I was a bit tensed at first, but felt pleasure and pain at the same time when he "penetrated the anus" and the most extraordinary feeling came to me, and I was totally a part of the massage, not just a receiver, and I almost screamed by the treatment, and felt the most peculiar feeling ever. Unbelievable!

So to make a short comment about this, I must say that my experience with Tantric Massage is SO much more then just a nice touch and a lot of well being, yes sure, it's intimate, it's erotic (in a way) it's you and the masseur... your heart is pounding... but being a part of the massage is an amazing feeling, it made me realise what this is all about.

If you just want "sex" you may go somewhere else, no ejaculation is involved in this, even though you feel close at times...

Can I recommend this to others...? Oh yes, give your self the best treatment ever, you won't regret it, but remember to be clear in your mind, so you don't misinterpret what it's all about, the feeling afterwards was amazing and energetic, worth every penny!"



tantra for woman gran canariaI had decided to try Tantra!

I searched and found this place.

Emailed to make an appointment and got an appointment 2 days later.

Nervous, I went down the hill and wondered if I was really in the right place, a locked gate, Yes, I go back to the hotel if I didn't come in.

In the booking email Greg had urged me to read all the FAQ available on the website. I had read all the questions carefully, and I knew that Greg was careful to keep time. Exactly to the minute it came a man walking on the other side of the gate and he asked if my name was Mary, I answered yes.

He greeted me welcome, and we went up the stairs. Once inside, he asked me to sit down in a cozy room and he sat down opposite. He asked why I was there and why I wanted to try, and I explained my thoughts. He seemed satisfied with the answer. He was careful to ensure that I understood the importance of breathing right and that I should follow his instructions!

He asked me to follow him further up the stairs and into a room full of candles, and with a mattress in the middle of the floor. He said that it was in there we would be, and asked me to go into the adjoining bathroom ( I would add that I rarely been in such a clean and nice bathroom, it really gave a good impression ). I took a shower. Afterwards I put on the sarong and I went back into the room where we were supposed to be, when I was done.

Inside the room he took care of me in the very best way. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but I had made up my mind to carefully follow every instruction he gave. Many times during the time he said: breathe Mary, Mary breathe!! In addition to a wonderful relaxing oil massage, it was sensual in a way that I'm not able to describe. When he (way too early) said that now he was finished, I could take the time I need to take a shower and get dressed. I thought it had gone 20 minutes. When I came out of there it had been 2.5 hours ... Time stood still...

For those who have not yet tried-do it!

I will definitely come back next time I'm in Playa del Ingles.

Thanks Greg! Mary


tantra for man gran canariaHi Greg - want to thank you very much for the most amazing experience. Although rather hesitant at first about the treatment, as this was my first Tantric healing experience, you put me completely at ease with your sincere explanation / discussion prior to the treatment.

Having come to you for this treatment, after a rather stressful period in my life, which had resulted in me having feelings of anxiety, and at times depression, I left after the experience feeling stronger and with a much more positive outlook to life. I feel that my confidence and self esteem have benefited from this experience.

The treatment was carried out in the most tranquil of surroundings. During the session it felt as though every inch of my body was being energised, stimulated and invigorated, leaving me in a complete state of relaxation, and ecstatic trance at the end. It was as though all my anxieties had floated away, and resulted in a new experience of sensory awakening.

Greg has a gift for putting his clients at ease, and ensuring that your well being is his principle concern. I would strongly recommend Greg to anybody who wants this type of treatment - his website is totally honest and accurate.

I will definitely be going back to him on my next visit to Gran Canaria.


Love is the dance of your life.
Hence those who do not know what love is
have missed the very dance of life.


tantra for women gran canariaI arrived at the place - profesional studio massage where I met Greg. We sat down on the sofa in an warm room, a safe place, talking, getting to know each other. He wanted to know how all about motivation to tantra massage. He asked me about my experiences, wanted to know what was going on for me and make me feel comfortable, at ease.

And then it was time. Time for me. I took a shower at home 20 min before before laying down on the mattress. I was now covered only by a thin sheet, a lunghi. He comes in with only a lunghi wrapped around his waist and sits in front of me. Later during massage I was completly naked, still feeling comfortable !

All the while, he had been changing positions, moving around me, massaging, touching and caressing different parts of my body. At the beginning he had asked me to trust him and open. He said he is a therapist, I can say, he is a very profesional person. Also at the begining he tried to help me with correct breathing. I think I still have to learn a lot about this. No doubt I will be back to explore also this part of my awakening sexuality. Then he starts touching my yoni and I was in heaven. His first touch was a bliss. And WOW! How does this stranger know how to touch me like that ? I can't even touch myself and have it feel like THAT. It feels heavenly ! He massages and caresses me on the outside, teases my clit, gently moves to the inside and makes me feel things I have never felt before. The intensity of his touches and my body responding is amazing. I've got closer than I ever have been to having a vaginal orgasm. I enjoyed every move he made. Every bit of pressure his hands and fingers applied.

I enjoyed the 2 hours we spent together tremendously. It has brought me closer to my "bliss". I let myself open a door to another part of me, the inner world of my beautiful body, to such a bigger world of my own sexuality than I really knew existed. I'll be back and will reccomend to every women ready to know more about sexuality, energy, body and mind.



tantra for women gran canariaHi Greg, Just dropping you a line to say how much my wife enjoyed the Tantric massage yesterday.

As you noticed, she was quite apprehensive and nervous when we arrived at your place - especially as I was not staying. However your pre massage chat relaxed her. She told me she found the experience both relaxing and stimulating and was very pleased when the massage ended in a most unexpected but extremely pleasurable orgasm. We return home tomorrow but perhaps we will call you again if and when we return to Maspalomas.

Thanks again Jerry


couples tantra massage playa del ingles gran canaria
Hei! Thank so much for a wonderful massage time... We will come back as soon as possible!

Hilde and Bjorn


tantra for gay man gran canariaTantra was introduced and came into my life about 3 years ago, or long before that, maybe forever as I see it now, as an old friend I longed for, something I missed, a key I found again, which matched perfectly, opened doors, and was so exciting, horny, energizing, inspiring, strong and deep, compared to orgasm rush and cum and run or porn culture... Was that all sex had to offer? There you where! Life changing, evolving. Slow, full of love, touch, ready, playful, fiery, fully open, present and universal touch. Body and mind. One approach, a journey in time and space. Since then I have explored, received and given as recipient and donor! I have decided to go deeper in this landscape, a path I wish to follow, to learn the skills and give back to others. It has affected my life!

Not easy to find a good Tantra masseur or lover, most people don't know what Tantra is. I found Greg a great tantra masseur and person. The best choice! Your Studio site is perfect for massage and self-development. Tranquil atmosphere You met me with very good presence and warm good grounded radiance. I relaxed and enjoyed your presence! You are a good communicator and listener! You took time to read me and see me, and I saw you. The massage was amazing, you guided me through it with deep breathing, voice and strong presence. The Flow, technique was amazing, the breathing and energy of the massage was intensive, strong and magical, you touched something deep in me. The best Tantra session I've gotten in a long time! Thank you for a Beautiful sensual spiritual journey!

I am very grateful!


I feel a clarity and look forward to continuing the exciting Tantra travel. Explore, challenge and develop myself more, as a meditative and heavenly sexual platform and lifestyle! Transforming process and progress...

Thank you

All good to you



tantra for gay man gran canariaA NE PAS RATER...

Nous avons passé un séjour au mois de janvier 2015 à GRAN CANARIA et en cherchant pour faire un massage. Nous sommes tombés sur un forum qui parlait en bien de Greg WIATER masseur Professionnel à MASPALOMAS.

Nous voyageons beaucoup aux quatre coins du monde et nous pouvons vous assurer que nous n'avons jamais eu un massage TANTRIQUE de la sorte. Souvent ces massages se réduisent à une simple masturbation; Greg est un Super mec tendre, gentil , à l'écoute de vos maux et de vos émotions. On sort véritablement serin et relaxé.

Un très grand merci.

Pierre & Roger


tantra for gay man gran canariaI had briefly heard about Tantra massages, even had vague pictures in my mind from a TV documentary or so in the past, but was never really interested in having one as I felt it didn't apply to me. I am not the esoteric type either.

My first time on the island of Grand Canaria, I decided to make it a relaxing holiday and I had seen Greg's video for his relax massages. I made an appointment with him and ended up having 3 massages from him: 2 relax massages and the final one was a Tantra massage.

There is something gentle and loving about Greg's eyes and having had 2 massages with him before prepared me for my very first Tantra massage ever.

I went to Greg's studio in the evening. We spent the first 10 minutes talking about what the massage entails and what it is not. He explained to me that we would try to find my sexually energy in my body, move it around and keep it inside. The only way to keep the energy inside was not to ejaculate. He also told me that I will have multiple orgasms without ejaculating or even getting an erection. This was all very academic for me and I thought you have to be one of these esoteric types to understand what he was explaining to me. Greg also told me that this sexual energy inside is now scientifically measurable, so it was not just a case of believing this anymore; it has been scientifically proved and measured in the form of electrical energy inside the body.

So the massage started with looking deeply into his soothing, brown eyes and with breathing exercises, concentrating on my body and breathing. I had to inhale deeply and exhale with all my might to dispel the negative energy in my body. At this point I was still sceptical but open to trying this out.

I was massaged standing up with just a sarong around my hips in a way sometimes like how you see a medicine man attending to his patient in the depths of the rain forest in South America. I did not feel any different at this point. Then the position changed to lying down on my stomach and so my back and legs were massaged while Greg intermittently reminded me to breathe deeply, in and out. I could also hear him breathing too.

Then at one point I was to take a deep breath in, contract every muscle in my body and hold as long as possible until I exhaled with a burst. All of a sudden I experienced an orgasm in my lower torso and I also had an image of it in my mind at the same time. It was a bright, white dot whose position I could locate within my body. We did this 2 more times consecutively and I immediately began to understand our chat at the beginning of the massage.

Then I sat up and embraced Greg in an intertwining position, hugged and caressed him on his instructions. At this point I just let myself go and allowed him to lead me. Greg told me to hug him as hard as I could and not to worry, that I can't injure him. He is also a bit muscular. So I followed his instructions. Again with deep inhalation while contracting every muscle in my body, I squeezed Greg as hard as I could, held it as long as I could and I had another orgasm. We repeated this 2 more times and each time I had an orgasm inside my body, without any erection or ejaculation.

I then lay on my back and Greg massaged me on my chest and legs. At this time I noticed for the first time that he too was naked. He massaged my head, neck and shoulders while telling me to breathe. Then at one point Greg slid completely over my oily body with his, from head to toe: his chest over my chest and torso. Greg remained at my feet and concentrated on massaging from this position. He raised my legs, placed them onto his shoulders and massaged around my inner thighs, crotch and then proceeded to my rectum and into my prostate. At this point I was charged with one orgasm continuously after another and it would not stop. I was in total ecstasy, laughing uncontrollably. My moans had developed into screams of ecstasy at this point. The next step was lowering my legs back down to the ground and my penis and scrotum was massaged. I was flaccid at this point. Greg had told me not to ejaculate and should I feel that I was losing control, just shout to him to stop, but this didn't happen. He continued to massage me about the chest area and he still reminded me intermittently to breathe in and out deeply.

The next thing, Greg stopped massaging me brought both of his hands to rest on my heart, and the most amazing thing happened. Within about 10 seconds or so, I had a rush of orgasms that I could not control, and I had a picture in my mind of energy rushing around my torso from the chest to the pelvic area and in a circular motion back up to the top. I was in ecstasy like never before and I was screaming at this point, uncontrollably. This rush of pleasure continued for a long time until I was growing somewhat spent. I then drew my legs up and turned on my side in a fetal position and began to weep like a child. I did not want to cry but I could not control it nor stop it. I wept like a baby and I felt as if negative energy was leaving my body while crying.

After some minutes the intense weeping died down and I brought myself to roll back onto my back. To my surprise, the multiple orgasms began and that rush started again. After a long while Greg told me to go and have a shower, that I could probably stay there for hours and continue to have orgasms. It was difficult for me, but I pulled myself up and had a shower.

We spent the next 20 minutes talking about my experience, a way for me to process and come to terms with what had just happened to me. He told me that we've started a process that I can't stop and I would spend a long time trying to understand what happened. I was hoarse after all that ecstatic shouting. When I checked my watch, we had been together for 3 hours and 15 minutes. It was a very intense and personal experience which I had with Greg, one I could only recommend very highly and one I am looking forward to repeating with him on my next visit to Grand Canary.

The next day, sitting on the bus driving out to visit a fishing town, I had an orgasm while busy with my thoughts. It just happened quietly inside of me, my own personal experience. Since then this has happened a few times more, always quietly and usually when I am pensive.



tantra for gay man gran canariaI've had Tantric massage before but nothing like what Greg does.

Having undressed and donned a sarong, Greg and and I spent some time discussing what I hoped to get from the experience. We then spent some time 'connecting', breathing deeply together and just looking into each other eyes.

I won't go into all the detail but this is much more than just a massage; it's a total body and soul experience.

Greg is an attractive man, fit and muscular. The massage is intimate, deeply sensuous but, despite very close contact, genital and prostate massage, not at all sexual (at least for me). I think for it to be anything else you'd fail to get the best of the experience.

I came away feeling very relaxed and calm but at the same time totally energised. I still am two days later.

I can't recommend this experience enough and am only sorry that I will have to wait until my next holiday on the island to repeat it. If you're not sure about plunging straight into the Tantra massage then go for a relaxation massage first to experience Greg. You won't regret any of the time you spend with him.



tantra for gay man gran canaria

Tnx for a wonderful experience